Monday, June 26, 2006

Personal news: this blog's future and being back in Cairo

For those of you who worry, I'm back in Cairo, safe and sound. I got back to my apartment last night at around 9pm, just in time to do a little bit of work and pass out. Amazingly, I managed to sleep from midnight until 8 am. Maybe there won't be any jet lag this time (keeping my fingers crossed). For those who don't know, I found a new apartment. Yes, the days of the giant cockroaches are (hopefully) behind us. I'm now living in a small, cheap, but clean, two bedroom apartment about 5 minutes from the university by foot.

With regards to the blog, some changes are coming. My week in the States caused me to fall behind on my work, but the reality is, I was spending too much time on the blog before anyway. Daily entries are just too time consuming (about 1-2 hours). From now on, I'm going to write only 1 or 2 entries a week, but hopefully the quality will go up. With more time to think about what I want to write, and more time to make sure that what I write is fact, not fiction, hopefully the blog will become more journalistic.


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